Facade Cleaning

Dry cleaning

Looking for ad hoc window cleaning? Safequip Solution specializes in dry cleaning for small scale window panels. It is environment friendly and clean.

Wet and chemical

Any stubborn stains to remove? We provide chemical cleaning for the removal of stubborn stains.

Silicone work

Troubled by seepage and wear/tear issues? Safequip Solution offers silicone work.

Rope Access

Rope Access and working at height

  • Our work at height and rope access team are certified and trained to perform challenging work at height and can access difficult to reach areas
  • We use approved rope access/work at height equipment and tools to achieve efficiency and effectiveness
  • We focus on safety and ensure quality of work

Servicing / Maintenance and Inspection

Servicing and Maintenance

Safequip Solution is trained and experienced to perform maintenance and service of the fall restraint and protection system. We check and test the components to ensure a satisfactory working mechanism.

Inspection and Certification

Safequip Solution provides yearly inspection and certification. We certify and tag on the fall restraint and protection system.

Replacement and Upgrading

Safequip Solution offers replacement for ageing system. Call for an appointment now !

Design, fabricate and supply customize safety lifelines or solutions

Safequip Solution has recognized the importance of providing complete solutions for our customers. Our highlighted design, fabrication and customisation transform your challenges into affordable and effective solutions.

Training and Demo

Safequip Solution believes in one's self development and training. We focus on training to educate users on how to use our systems/lifelines. Users will be certified after the end of each training course.

Other Services

Our Company is versatile and strives to meet the different needs of our customers. We provide many rope access services, maintenance and replacement. Don't wait! Contact us now for a quote or for a site survey.