Travsafe™ Lifeline


The most efficient and sophisticated lifeline on the market. By its special design, the slider easily moves past the intermediate cable fasteners placed, with no need for any manual intervention.

The Travsafe™ lifeline is an anchoring system equipped with horizontal, flexible belaying supports satisfying the requirements of standard EN 795-C.


Travspring™ Lifeline


This is an anchoring device fitted with a flexible horizontal belaying support that complies with standard EN795 C.
The user can manually pass, without disconnecting, the intermediary cable supporting points.

The lifeline is fitted with an INRS Patented shock-absorber and only produces a minimum impact on the end in the event of a fall.

The Travspring lifeline can be installed on a wall, ground support or a stanchion.


Travsmart™ Lifeline


The Travsmart™ lifeline complies with the requirements of standard EN 795 C. The lifeline can be installed under ceiling, on wall, on an inclined surface, on the ground or on a post.

Advantages of Travsmart™ lifeline:

  • Choices of installations and uses
  • No manual intervention needed by the user
  • The user can work on either side of the lifeline without the need to disconnect

  • Travlex™ 2 Lifeline


    This is a single cable lifeline, enabling automatic passenger over anchors.

    This new design allows for installation on concrete roofs and conrrugated metallic tray roofing and respects the demands of EN 795 C August 2012 standard.

    Meeting user needs:

  • Highly versatile- where it can be installed and how it can be used
  • Easy to pass over intermediary anchors, no need for manual intervention
  • The user can work on either side of the lifeline, no need to disconnect when changing sides